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October 18, 2021

How To Find The Cheapest Tickets To Pacers Games For The 2021-2022 Season

Many times when you go to buy tickets to Pacers games, the Pacers box office isn’t going to be the cheapest option. Often the tickets for a game are going to be cheaper on the secondary market, which includes Only Indy Tickets.

Because of that, we wanted to help you this year determine which games are going to be cheaper on Only Indy Tickets versus which games it's going to be cheaper to buy at the box office. We did this analysis based on the minimum priced ticket, also known as the get-in price. In the graph below we show you which games it is cheaper to buy tickets from Only Indy Tickets than it is on the box office, and the dollar number in the chart is how much cheaper it is to buy tickets on Only Indy Tickets for that game.

cheap pacers tickets

Games not listed on this graph are currently more expensive on Only Indy Tickets and we would recommend purchasing from the Box Office. However, this chart can change drastically during the season, so we recommend regularly checking both Only Indy Tickets, and the box office for the best ticket prices. Also, note that the box office does sell resale or secondary tickets as well, Only Indy Ticket prices will be competitive or cheaper than those prices often, and when you buy from Only Indy Tickets you will find out about other events in Indianapolis.

There are several reasons why the box office isn’t the cheapest option. But the number one reason for this is that the box office over priced their tickets. And when season ticket holders or brokers went to list their tickets, they couldn’t sell their tickets for the face value at the box office (or Ticketmaster).

Many season ticket holders and brokers buy tickets for the entire season and hope to make up their investment on just a few games. Because of that they are willing to sell their other tickets for the face value they got them as season ticket holders.

Teams normally price a game for season ticket holders lower than they do for the public buying single game tickets. And so when a season ticket holder can’t make a game and it isn’t a popular game, like the ones we wrote about previously here, you have the perfect scenario for where tickets are cheaper on Only Indy Tickets.

So when you are looking for tickets use the below questions to help you find the cheapest Pacers Tickets:

  • Is the game on a weeknight?

  • Is the opponent popular?

  • How well are the Pacers performing?

If it’s a week night game, and the Pacers aren’t having a good season, and the opponent isn’t popular in Indy, the tickets are almost guaranteed to be cheaper on Only Indy Tickets. If the Pacers are doing well and it’s a week night game against a middle of the road opponent you can often find great deals to a great game.

So go ahead and find your Pacers tickets from Only Indy Tickets.