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September 22, 2021

Most Anticipated Pacers Home Games For the 2021-2022 Season & More 

The new season is less than a month away, and single game Pacers tickets go on sale next week - September 20th at 2:00 pm EST. The question is what games are you going to cheer on the Blue and Gold? And what are the most highly anticipated match ups? And what are the best value home games going to be this year?

We took a look at current prices on OnlyIndyTickets.com as many season ticket holders have already started to list their tickets online to help you determine what games you should buy. So without further adieu, below are the top Pacers games by “Get In Price”, or in other words the cheapest ticket that will get you in the door.

2021-2022 Pacers Home Games With Highest Get In Price

As you can see the Lakers game on November 24th, is the most anticipated home game by a mile. The get in ticket price started at $72 when we pulled this data. That is more than double the cost of the next closest game. Several factors lead to this.

First, there are a lot of Lebron fans still out there living in the Indy area. But also, it’s not just Lebron. It is Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis as well. Then the second thing is that this game is the day before Thanksgiving. That makes this game the perfect thing to do heading into a long weekend before stuffing our faces the next day.

The next two games are the only ones with “get in prices” of over $20 and that is the Warriors game December 13th and the Brooklyn Nets game January 5th. Again, popular teams with even more popular players lead to higher prices when KD, Steph, Kyrie, and James Harden come to town to take on Sabonis, Levert, Brogdon, and team.

So if you want to see any of the three games above as a single game ticket, your best bet is to purchase when they go on sale next week on the Pacers website, as they will likely be cheaper than what is listed on Only Indy Tickets.

Cheapest Pacers Games In 2021-2022 Season 

Every other game but two fall between $12 and $19 dollars. And that is the San Antonio Spurs with a get in of $8 on Monday November 1st (maybe the Halloween sugar crash is leading to the depressed ticket prices) and the Toronto Raptors on Saturday October 30th with a get in price of only $10. So if you are looking for the cheapest way to get into a game, those are going to be your two best options. And these are pretty much guaranteed to be cheaper on Only Indy Tickets than they will be at the Pacers box office.

There are however a lot more anticipated matchups out there that are going to be steals of a deal such as Monday October 25th when the Pacers host the reigning champion Milwaukee Bucks. Other notable games are:

  • Boston Celtics - Sun, Feb 27, 2022

  • Los Angeles Clippers - Mon, Jan 31, 2022 (Paul George returns)

  • Miami Heat - Fri, Dec 3, 2021 (Most likely return of Victor Oladipo, if healthy)

Final Pacers Buying Tips

Final tips for finding the best home games are to look at the day of the week. Weekend games tend to be more expensive as people have time off. Next, always check the secondary market as well as the primary, because for many nights during the season you are going to be able to pick up cheaper tickets on a secondary ticket market like Stubhub or Only Indy Tickets than you could from the box office. Plus sometimes you want more seating options and the secondary is going to provide that on most nights. Finally, if you need help picking which seats to buy after deciding on the game, check out our seat guide video below.

Here's to a great and healthy 2021-2022 Pacers Season.