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Grab tickets to the Pacers below. Simply pick a game, find your seats and go. If you need help finding the right game or the right seats, or help knowing where to park or what to do pre and post game, click here for our Pacers guide.

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Pacers Tickets Seat Selection Guide

Finding the right seats for you and those you are going to the game with can be tough. That’s why we outline below the pros and cons of each section and where to find the best seats in each section.

Lower Bowl (Sections 1-20)

When you want to get close to the action there is no better place to be in the lower bowl. There are a few things to note when buying tickets in the lower bowl.

  • Sections 1 & 2 at the northern baseline go all the way up to the club level. So higher row seats are really at the same level as the club level, but they don’t have the club level amenities.
  • The Pacers bench is seated right in front of Section 4 and the visitors bench is right in front of Section 6. So if you want to get as close to the players bench as possible those are the sections to check out.
  • The scorers table is in Section 5 and gives you a great view of both benches as well.

Food options on the main concourse leading to the lower bowl are too numerous to mention here so here is to highlighting local Indy companies:

  • Ben’s Pretzels
  • Just Pop In - Popcorn
  • Sugarfire - Pulled Pork
  • Mimi Blue - Meatballs
  • Sun King
  • Los Arroyos - Our favorite Mexican Restaurant

Club Level (Sections 101-120)

The Club level seats are in any section that is in the 100s. These are some of our favorite seats in the arena. Why? Amazing views and in-service wait staff. Seeing the game from a little higher up gives you a great view of the action and how the plays are working on the field. So with someone taking your food orders, you never have to leave your seat and miss any part of the action.

On the club level, if you want to sit near the craziest fans who cheer the loudest, are the best dressed, bang their drums, and lead chants then you will want to sit near sections 101 and 120 as every year some of the Pacers players sponsor the craziest fans. If that isn’t for you, then you will want to sit further away from those sections.

There are special 100 level seats where your ticket comes with food. They are sections 110 and 111 and are called the Planet Fitness lounge. It has a wonderful sitting area with different food each game where you can hang out or you can head over to your seat for the game in the same section.

The club level has some great food & drink options including:

  • Local Indy Favorite Bru Burger
  • Local Indy favorite Sun King Craft Beer, Wine, & Cocktails
  • Chick IN Shack for all your chicken loving needs
  • The Varsity Club - High-end American eatery (any ticketed guest can eat here)

Balcony (Sections 201-232)

The upper sections of the balcony are very high and very steep but offer an excellent view. You may find yourself watching the massive jumbotron (it really is massive) more than you will the live action on the floor as it takes up more of your view. However, the balcony has some of the best seats in the house if you are in the first couple of rows along the sideline. These seats are every bit as good of a view of the much plusher club level seating, and sometimes the prices on these seats aren’t too far off the price on the lower club level to compensate for that. Yes, you won’t have someone waiting on you for concessions, but you won’t be far from the concession stand, either.

Some highlighted food options in the Balcony include:

  • Ain’t That Cheesy, a Local Indy Restaurant that serves soups, macaroni, and grilled cheese
  • Capital Sausage, another local Indy company serving hot dogs and sausages
  • The Sun King Brew Deck
Bankers Life Fieldhouse Seating Chart

How do I Find the Cheapest Pacers Tickets?

To find the cheapest Pacers tickets, you are going to first want to look at weeknight games. Then pay attention to the opponent. If the Pacers are playing rivals or top teams like the Lakers, Bulls (those Bulls fans travel + there are tons of Chicago transplants living in Indy), or Nets, tickets will cost more. If the opponent for the weeknight game isn’t one of those teams, you will likely have a strong chance of finding cheap tickets.

What Are the Most Anticipated Games Of The Pacers Season?

Some of the most anticipated matchups of the regular season are of course when Lebron and the Lakers come to town. And because it’s Lebron, the Lakers game on November 24th has the highest “get in” price on Only Indy Tickets. However there are other home games that are going to be highly anticipated this year including:

  • Golden State Warriors - December 21st, 2021

  • Brooklyn Nets - January 5, 2022

  • Bulls - December 31, 2021 in a day game

Pacers Game Day Tips

Where to eat before and after the game
  • Before the game:
    • There are many great options for eating and drinking before the game within walking distance of the stadium.
    • If you are looking for a dinner to really make it a night, you can’t go wrong with St. Elmo’s or Harry & Izzy’s. The shrimp cocktail will spice you up for the game.
    • If you are looking for more bar food and drinks before the game, some great options are Kilroy’s for their stuffed breadsticks before the game. Or if you are looking for more of a gastropub, the Taxman Cityway just south of the stadium is a great environment.
  • After the game:
    • If you’re looking for drinks after the game or want to go dancing you can hit up 8 Second Saloon. It’s a short walk away while you wait for traffic to clear out.
    • District Tap is also great and is open late to continue the victory party. Just remember to call an Uber home or have a designated driver if you’re staying too late.
Where To Find The Best Stadium Food?

In the past couple of years the Fieldhouse has completely upped their food game. They brought in favorite local Indy restaurants and beer, giving you a distinctly Indy experience when going to Pacers games. The options change depending on where you are seated, so check in the seating section above for some highlights on where to hit up.

What you can and cannot bring into the Pacers game?

Only smaller bags and purses are allowed into the game. Backpacks are not allowed. And remember when you go through security they will check your bag. No food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the game. For more details about what is and isn’t allowed at the game including conduct, please checkout the venue website.

2021-2022 Covid Information

Right now details for Covid protocols at the games are still being finalized. But the team is asking that if you feel sick or someone who is going with you is sick, that you stay home. And if you buy booking protection when getting your tickets, it can save you from missing a game you spent a lot of money on. For future details on the Covid protocols, watch this link from the Pacers.

What To Listen To Pregame and Postgame

When driving to and from the game, get prepped for the game by listening to WFNI (AM 1070) or W298BB (FM 107.5). And when you’re driving home and want to catch analysis you missed in the arena, tune into the same stations for a great post game show.

When should you get to the game?

We like to get there a bit early so if we are grabbing food in the stadium we can get it before the anthem and maybe catch some awesome warmups by our own guys or from the visiting team.

If you get there extra early don’t forget to snap a picture in front of the new Reggie Miller mural about ¾ of a mile north of the Fieldhouse.

Where to Park & How To Get To The Pacers Game

Parking on game day depends upon a few things - how close you want to be to the stadium, how close you want to be to activities, price, and how quickly you want to be able to get in and out.

The Easiest Place To Park is the official Fieldhouse garage that you enter through on South Alabama street. It usually runs between $10-$20 depending on the game. This parking lot fills up fast and can take a while to get in and out of because it is so popular. The best perk of this garage is that it is connected via a skybridge to the Fieldhouse. This means that on cold or rainy days you are only in the elements for a small amount of time. The downside of this parking is that besides how long it can take to get out of, it’s super far from anything of interest outside the stadium for before or after festivities.

The great thing is there are tons of other reasonably priced options all around the stadium as you can see in the map below. Many of them you can even buy in advance using something like ParkWhiz. You can also often find on street parking if you look hard enough, and it will get you the fastest entry and exit.

One of my favorite spots is actually Circle Center Mall. Parking is cheap and before the game you can pick up food at the mall or just outside of it. And normally by the time you walk back from the game you avoid almost all of the traffic.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse Parking Map

Why See The Pacers In Person During the 2021-2022 Season?

Let’s face it, last year wasn’t the funnest Pacers season ever. Between horrible injury luck to key starters such as TJ Warren and Miles Turner, and the unfortunate rumors coming out of the locker room about the former head coach, we can all agree that things didn’t go as planned. Then you add in the fact that Covid meant it was hard to see each other in person and prevented us from having large crowds, making the 2020-2021 season one to forget.

But this year we have a new coach in Rick Carlisle who happens to be one of the most winning coaches in Pacers history. He also happens to be an NBA champion. Then we add in that most of our starters, such as Miles Tuner & Malcolm Brogdon are healthy again - (we’re hoping TJ Warren can recover soon after the latest setback) which means we should be a force in the East.

Then, let's talk about the rookies. We will get to see a Summer League super star and the second coming of Reggie Miller in Chris Duarte on the floor hitting buzzer beaters with ice in his veins and locking up defenders on a nightly basis. If you can’t tell, we are more than a little excited about the latest Pacers pick and his almost certain contributions. Then we have Isaiah Jackson, our new power forward who can jump out of the gym with amazing hustle.

Then you get to watch guys like crowd favorite TJ McConnell coming off the bench stealing balls in the back court and your mom’s heart at the same time.

Between Sabonis' lefty dunks, the rookies, and the new coach there is going to be a lot on the floor to get you excited. But, there are also the fireworks, the Pacemates, the National Anthem, and the halftime show. Even if we don’t win (and the Pacers home record historically is outstanding) you are going to go away having had a great time.

We can’t wait to see you at the game in the newly renovated and newly renamed Gainbridge Fieldhouse. So click the links above to find a game that is right for you! Go Pacers!!!

Child Fan at Pacers Game
My daughter cheering on the Pacers.