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Looking for things to do in Indianapolis can feel like a chore, especially when other sites make you pick through dozens of events happening in cities that are hours away. That’s why Only Indy Tickets was created. We want you to get a more personal experience by finding what’s happening in Indianapolis -- and only Indianapolis. That way you can find great tickets faster, easier and at a great price.


Why Only Indy Tickets Does What We Do

Sometimes getting tickets can be a hassle. We understand! It can be frustrating to buy tickets to a concert or show in Indianapolis, when other ticket companies make you wade through events that are showing in Chicago or New York City. Those cities be farther than you want to travel, and you should be able to know when Adele or Hamilton will be in Indianapolis, not the full tour schedule. Shouldn’t Indianapolis be front and center?


We’re Committed To Helping You Discover Things To Do In Indianapolis

Not only does Only Indy Tickets make it a breeze to find a particular event -- we also help you see what’s happening in Indianapolis. Simply search by genre or venue and know that every event shown is close by.

Perhaps you may not know what you want to do, but you know when you are available. This is where our calendar of what’s going on in Indianapolis is helpful. Plus, we’ll give you our expert tips on restaurants to visit for a night out on the town. And if you sign up for our email list or check our blog, you can receive regular updates on what’s coming to town.


We Protect Our Tickets With Our 100% Guarantee

We know that easily finding the best seats at a fantastic price won’t mean much if you wonder about your tickets being legit and coming in time. That's why Only Indy Tickets protects our tickets with a 100% Guarantee. We guarantee that your tickets will be legitimate and arrive before your event starts, or you get your money back. We want you to return again and again, and that only will happen when we treat our customers right by putting people before profits with our 100% guarantee.

Only Indy Tickets Belongs to The Only Local Ticket Family

Only Local Tickets and Only Indy Tickets was built in 2021 in order to give people more control over how they find their local tickets. Our national headquarters is in Carmel, Indiana.