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Want Answers To Only Indy Tickets Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have questions about Only Indy Tickets or how ticketing work, you can see most answers in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have specific questions not addressed in this list, just contact our customer service line. Dial 317-720-2624 or fill out our support form.

If someone purchases a ticket from a venue’s ticket office -- also called the primary ticket seller -- the buyer has the option to sell that reservation to another person. Sellers in the secondary ticket market may include licensed ticket sellers, ticket firms, box office promoters, and people like you. Only Indy Tickets gets its tickets from a popular ticket marketplace, and restricts results to only Indianapolis and neighboring areas so you can quickly find the top tickets in your city.

The secondary market is on a ”price based on demand” model, and you might find that price points shift over time. It’s not rare to find tickets priced at below primary pricing. You can also find hard-to-find seats for shows that are sold out that may cost more than the primary price. The trick to the secondary marketplace is to check back over time to see what’s available in Indianapolis.

Contingent on the individual sale, you might get your tickets in a few different methods:

Email download: A code will be sent to your email before the start time, that you should download your actual ticket. These e-tickets might need to be via My Ticket Tracker.

Shipped: Sellers will mail the paper stubs through Federal Express. Tickets are pledged to get to you before start time, and you’ll be sent a FedEx tracking id once your package is mailed.

Will Call Office: Tickets will be waiting at the will call or main area.

3rd party Pick-up: Tickets have to be picked up at an outside locale (no more than thirty minutes from the event).

Paperless: The ticket seller will meet your party at the venue and go with you to the box office.

Flash: The ticket seller will mail you a gift card that you can scan at the event box office. It will contain the initial sale info and generate a viable receipt.

You can pick a different shipping address -- a street address or P.O. boxes -- for entire orders placed through Only Indy Tickets. However, on sales past $750, the ticket seller can reject to ship to a different place other than the billing address. Furthermore, sellers may want a signed authorization from the buyer if they need verification that the different delivery address is valid.

Instant tickets generally become available to download and print once you complete the order. Please allow for processing time, which could take as much as one business day. You will see a confirmation email explaining how to access your instant tickets.

To ensure you have a great time in Indianapolis, your tickets come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case:


  • The seller doesn’t ship your tickets
  • Your tickets arrive after the event commences
  • The venue deems your purchased tickets unacceptable. (Verifiable proof must be by the venue in written letter format.)
  • The event was canceled with no rescheduled date. (Refund excludes shipping fees.)


Tickets from Only Indy Tickets are usually first-come, first-served. If your order is canceled during purchase, it means another buyer submitted their purchase before you. Unfortunately, you will need to return to that event and attempt to select a new seat.

Most sellers have several groups of seats and can book ticket orders better if they don’t add the seat numbers on their listings. Instead, you'll find the rows and sections to choose from. Rest assured that your tickets will still be with the other seats unless shown in the description.

Since this is a resale marketplace, the first purchaser's name will appear on the ticket rather than yours. Nevertheless, you will still be allowed into the event, as it's the bar code that's needed for entry.

To prevent ticketing scams, almost all tickets are one-of-a-kind units. As such, if your tickets are lost, stolen, or ruined you can contact the seller about replacing lost tickets. However, all sales are final.

In the case that an event gets permanently called off, you qualify for a full refund (shipping not refundable). If the event has been delayed and rescheduled for another date, your tickets will carry over to the new date.